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Retailer of Handmade Persian Area Rugs & Carpets and Oriental Area Rugs & Carpets - Traditional Rugs, Tribal Rugs, Contemporary Rugs, Nomadic Rugs, Village Rugs, Flatweave Rugs.

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Gallery: A Sample of Our Rugs
Kashkuli Fine Gabbeh - Vegetable Dyes - Persian
Kashkuli Fine Gabbeh - Vegetable Dyes - Persian
Luri Fine Gabbeh - Vegetable Dyes - Persian
Vegetable Dyes - Pakistan
Wool & Silk - India
100% Silk Qom - Persian
Lavar - India
Peshawar - Vegetable Dyes - Pakistan
Balouch Fine Gabbeh - Vegetable Dyes - Persian
Kashkuli Fine Gabbeh - Vegetable Dyes - Persian
Fine Bokhara - Wool on Linen - Pakistan
Peshawar - Vegetable Dyes - Pakistan
Bulur Fine Gabbeh - Vegetable Dyes - Persian
Village Rug - Persian
Kashkuli Fine Gabbeh - Vegetable Dyes - Persian

Rugs, Pillows, Buddhas, Art, Shawls, Boxes, Jewelry, Rug Pads

We wash your rugs in the traditional way, all by hand! This is the way it has been done for thousands of years and we know the wisdom behind it. We use the utmost care and expertise to clean your rugs without the use of harsh chemicals and rough machinery. Rug washes are typically charged at $4.50 per square foot.

We perform all kinds of repairs on damaged rugs. Typical repairs include rebinding the sides, repairing damaged fringe and mending tears.

We professionally evaluate and provide you with an educated detailed assessment of your rug, for your own records or for insurance purposes. Official written appraisals are typically $50 per rug, plus $50 if you need us to come out to you to inspect your rugs.

Delivery & Installation
To help you in making the right choice, we deliver the rug to your location, remove your furniture and place the rug in the designated area for you to view and make your informed selection (free within a reasonable distance).

Rug Care:
Area rugs are easy to dust out, you can even turn a rug over and vacuum the back which gathers a lot of dust through time, this would be very difficult with a wall to wall carpet which gathers a lot of dust and pollen underneath, which can then cause ongoing allergies. We recommend having your rug professionally cleaned. Never send your rug to a dry cleaner, only to oriental rug care professionals.

How To Choose Your Rugs
Area rugs work wonders in redecorating a room with style and class. It is much simpler, easier and less expensive to buy paint, materials, etc. to match your rugs, than to find an area rug that matches your colors and fabrics. When setting out to purchase an area rug first measure your room and find out what size of area rug you will be needing. There are many different textures, shapes, and quality of rugs that may fit your budget and needs, so it is a good idea to have these factors in mind.

An area rug is easy to position and place, so you will have a lot of freedom in trying your rug in different positions and directions since area rugs very often look lighter from one direction and darker from the other. Area rugs come in various shapes and sizes, so you might want a runner for the hallway or a round area rug for a nice center piece in a foyer. You may want your furniture overlapping on a large area rug, or you may want to go with the rug in the center without furniture overlaps.

Instead of having carpets with synthetic pile, which a lot of people are allergic to, you can have an all natural, handmade, comfortable, piece of art which is intricate and beautiful, and may even be an investment that will appreciate in value in years to come, especially with hand-knotted Persian & Oriental rugs you may have antique rugs in your family for generations!

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About Us:
We have been providing the Carson-Reno-Tahoe area with the highest quality genuine handmade Persian & Oriental rugs at discounted prices since 2002.

We stock a wide selection of rugs from different regions, with a variety of styles, colors, designs and sizes, including runners and round rugs. About half of our rugs are Persian made, and the rest are from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China and Turkey.

One of our specialties is the Gabbeh, a Persian nomadic rug which is made with 100% vegetable dyes and handspun wool. We stock the very prestigious and fine quality Zollanvari Gabbeh. Zollanvari has won many awards for their beautiful rugs.

Why Handmade Rugs?
What you get is Taste, Refinement, Originality, Style & Sophistication!
Handmade area rugs are the way to go! They last longer by far than a machine made rug and they are much more beautiful, and feel far better under your feet because they are made from 100% natural fibers like wool, cotton and silk.

Real people have put months if not years of their energy and hard work into creating each handmade area rug. The artistic worth of such a rug is far, far beyond a rug made by a machine in a few hours. We make a point not to carry any rugs made through child labor!

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